The next Figure is generated when the previous auction is finalized, usually by the winner. However, anyone can also finalize an auction by calling finalize on the Marketplace Contract with the currentListingId from the Figures Contract.


Figures is an ever-growing set of numerals.

One piece from Figures, based on a provably fair randomly generated number, is auctioned on-chain every day, with the sale of a piece starting the auction of the next. The artwork is generative and stored directly on-chain.


The people behind Figures.

June Shin is an award-winning designer and artist recently recognized by the Noguchi Museum. She studied art history at Cornell University and graphic design at Parsons and Rhode Island School of Design. Inspired and informed by her experience as a type designer, she often creates typographic work that explores the boundaries of figuration and abstraction, as she has done in Figures.


Euwyn is a builder and coder in his spare time. He studied computer science at Cornell University.